Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

I. Introductory provisions


  1. For the purposes of these principles means: Kúzelný svet, s.r.o., seat: Čierny chodník 42, 831 07 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, CN: 50 295 098, VAT: 2120 266 654. The company is registered in the commercial register of the District Court Bratislava l, section; Ltd., insert No:111047/B (hereinafter referred to as "Operator") . Personal data first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number, billing address, delivery address, IP address, cookies. The Participant is a natural person who purchases goods and services from the Operator. The purpose of selling goods and services to the end customer via the Internet or in a brick-and-mortar store. In connection with the above, personal data are processing:
    - to the extent that they were provided in connection with the ordering of products and /or services of the Operator, or in the framework of negotiations for the conclusion of a contract with the Operator, as well as in connection with the concluded contract
    - for the purpose / purposes specified in Art. II below

  2. The e-shop operator as the Controller of Personal Data hereby informs about the manner and extent of the processing of personal data, including the scope of the Subscriber's rights (as defined below) related to the processing of his/her Personal Data.
  3. The controller shall proceed with the processing of personal data in accordance with the following legislation:Act No. 18/2018 Z. z. on the protection of personal data Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (hereinafter referred to as "the Regulation")


II. Purposes and times of processing of Personal Data


The Controller processes personal data for the following purposes:

a) the performance of the contract and, where applicable, other obligation, and the provision of services:


  1. personal data will be processed during the period of contract negotiations between the Operator and the Participant, both for the purpose of concluding the contract and for the duration of the contractual relationship;
  2. sending satisfaction questionnaires: sending satisfaction questionnaires to improve the services provided to customers following an order, reservation or direct sale
  3. marketing actions: for the purpose of fulfilling a marketing action, evaluating, terminating, delivering any winnings, etc. Processing time: over the duration of the marketing event.


b) compliance with a legal obligation (in particular accounting, tax and archiving, provision of assistance to administrative authorities, police, courts, etc.):


  1. the tax document will be kept for 10 years from the end of the contract: In order to fulfil the legal obligation to archive accounting documents under Act No. 563/1991 Zb., on accounting as amended, personal data will be further processed and retained for a period of 10 years from the year following the year in which the contract between the Operator and the Participant was concluded;
  2. fulfillment of obligations in connection with the exercise of rights of defective performance, provision of assistance to administrative authorities, police, court: The operator is entitled to process basic personal, identification and contact details of the customer, data on goods and data from communication between the customer for 4 years from the date of expiry of the warranty period for the goods.

c) the legitimate interests of the Controller, the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the Controller:

  1. effective defence in the event of a dispute. The processing period here is fixed at 4 years from the expiry of the warranty period for the goods and is extended by the period for which the dispute is conducted;
  2. the legitimate interest of the Operator is further the sending of commercial notices (blanket offers and individual offers) in accordance with § 7(3) of Act No. 480/2004 Zb., about certain information society services and in accordance with point 47 of the Regulation, if the Operator has obtained details of electronic contact in connection with the sale of goods and services to the Subscriber.

(d) marketing and commercial offers of the Operator's services:

  1. across-the-board sending of business offers of products and services: sending general advertising communications without targeting a specific group of addressees. The period of processing of personal data in this case is 3 years;
  2. individual offer: sending advertising communications after assessing certain personal aspects relating to a natural person. The operator does not carry out profiling in accordance with Article 22 of the Regulation as it is not automated processing but the manual creation of individual offers. The period of processing of personal data in this case is 3 years;
  3. cookies: Short text files generated by a web server and stored on your computer through a browser. Two types are distinguished. First of all, cookies are necessary to ensure the functioning and analysis of the site (the transmission of electronic communications via an electronic communications network, the use of these cookies cannot be dissented). Furthermore, cookies that evaluate certain personal aspects related to a particular natural person. The Subscriber must give its consent using the second type of cookies. The processing time in this case is 3 years.
  4. for re-marketing purposes, cookies are passed on to other processors only if they have been authorised for this purpose, with an expiry date of up to 540 days. If consent to advertising cookies is withdrawn, it is technically not technically possible to delete cookies transferred to the processor immediately once. To remove cookies from the processor occurs automatically after the expiry date. An immediate solution to prevent re-marketing activities by the processor is to delete cookies from the browser.

III. Protection of personal data and information on processing

  1. unless the Subscriber provides his/her Personal Data, it is not possible to enter into a contract with the Operator and/ or provide him with the services resulting therefrom. Personal data are necessary in this context for the provision of a particular service or product of the Operator.
  2. after the expiry of the time limits referred to in Article II.
  3. the participant is obliged to provide the Operator only with true and accurate Personal Data. The Subscriber is responsible for the accuracy, accuracy and veracity of the Personal Data provided. The controller shall not be liable for the accuracy of the data provided.
  4. the operator shall make every effort to prevent unauthorized processing.
  5. the operator is entitled to hand over the Participant's personal data to third parties for the following purposes: completion of the order process, delivery of goods, sending of business communications, customer satisfaction assessment, provision of consumer credit, customer support services, provision of insurance products, settlement of complaints, registration of new customer, provision of I. point of service.
  6. personal data are and will be processed electronically in a non-automated manner.


IV. Subscriber rights related to processing

1.      rights of the Subscriber in relation to the protection of personal data:

o   require the Controller to access his/her Personal Data;

o   to correct the personal data provided;

o   to delete the personal data provided;

o   to restrict the processing of Personal Data;

o   lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority;

o   the right to transfer personal data to another controller;

o   the right to object to the processing of personal data;

o   the right to withdraw consent.

2.      the participant may exercise its rights under paragraph 1 of this Article by means of the link provided in the footer of the e-mail sent by the Operator or by the request at or, in the case of a registered customer, in the customer section of the e-shop website.

3.      the rights referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article.c (a), (c) and (d) may not be exercised to the extent and for the purposes referred to in Article II(1)(a), (b) and (c), with the exception of point (ii)(.c) of Article II, where all the rights referred to in paragraph 1 can be exercised.

4.      in the event that the Participant considers that the Data Controller is carrying out the processing of his/her Personal Data which is contrary to the protection of his or her private and personal life or in violation of applicable law, in particular if the Personal Data are inaccurate with regard to the purpose of their processing, he may:

o   ask the Operator for clarification by e-mail to

o   object to the processing and request by e-mail sent to that the Operator ensure the removal of the status thus originally incurred (e.g. by blocking, repairing, supplementing or disposing of Personal Data). The Operator shall take a decision on the objection without delay and inform the Participant. If the Controller does not comply with the objection, the Participant has the right to contact the Data Protection Authority directly. This provision is without prejudice to the Participant's right to apply directly to the Data Protection Authority.

5.      if the Participant exercises the right under this Article, the Operator is obliged to respond within 30 days of receipt of the request by the Operator.

6.      acceptance of a request for the exercise of the right under Article IV., Point 1 (a) and (f) shall be possible only by means of a data message or by a letter with an officially certified signature to the address of the registered office of the company. The application shall include an e-mail address to which a verification e-mail will then be sent to confirm the identity of the applicant.

7.      if the Participant exercises any of the rights under Article IV., paragraph 1, the Operator shall have the right to request proof of the Participant's identity. The request for access to personal data must therefore be sent from the applicant's e-mail address. If the request is made in a different form or from another e-mail address, the Operator has the right to request additional verification by replying to the verification e-mail. In the event that the applicant does not prove his identity within 14 days of sending the verification e-mail, his application for the exercise of the rights under Article IV., paragraph 1 shall not be accepted.

8.      the controller is entitled, in the event of a repeated and unjustified request to provide a physical copy of the Personal Data processed, to charge a reasonable fee for the administrative costs involved.


V. Final provisions

1.      all legal relations arising from the processing of Personal Data are governed by the law of the Slovak Republic, regardless of where access to them was made. Slovak courts have jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising in connection with the protection of privacy between the Participant and the Operator.

2.      the data subject has the right to contact the Data Protection Authority (

3.      this Policy is valid from 25.05.2018